07/03/2017 | 12:30 pm 1:15 pm

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Patrick will provide an overview of developing a social learning strategy that encompasses a mix of face to face, social collaboration tools online and even charity or corporate social responsibility events. There will be input and discussion about blending and how the mix is different for varying environments. Active participation in the chatroom will be encouraged!

Topics Covered

  • Modern Perspectives and theorists
  • Public Social Media (LinkedIn, Twitter and more)
  • Enterprise social networks
  • Importance of Critical Thinking
  • Face to Face social learning
  • What strategy is right for me?

Session Highlights

  • Tips for using in-house and public social media
  • A plan for forming a social learning strategy
  • Ideas and leads for further research
  • Top people to follow and connect with

Please note: Start time of 12.30pm is AEDT

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