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Every year, Donald H Taylor asks L&D professionals in Australia and around the world what they think will be hot in the following 12 months. And like every year, this year’s survey is showing some very interesting trends.
Join us for an interactive webinar with Donald as he shares the findings, discusses their impacts and reveals how previous “hot topics” are no longer quite so hot. He will also explore the many differences between worldwide geographies, and give you a deep dive into the findings from an Australian L&D perspective.
Don’t miss out if you need to know what lies ahead for you and your team, and how you can best prepare for the year ahead.
Winners, losers and question marks
Donald’s annual survey asks L&D professionals one question: “What will be hot in L&D in the coming year?” Over time, the answers have proved revealing. So too have the differences across geographies, and Australia is no exception. In this webinar Don will identify:

- One delivery method that stands out and demands to be taken seriously in 2017
- Key technologies that dominate feedback from L&D professionals worldwide – and Australia
- The good, the bad and the ugly about L&D’s ability to demonstrate true business value

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