28/03/2017 | 9:00 am 4:30 pm

- Perth, WA, Australia

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Have you been asked to design or deliver training? Do you have expertise in your field and would like to be able to train others? Before you line up for a Cert IV TAE, Training Room Essentials will give you what you need to make quality training experiences happen.

You’ll learn essential ideas about creating the learning environment, writing your program to ensure engagement, tools of the trade and how to evaluate what you’ve done. From flip charts to apps, you’ll walk away with a kit of examples and equipment ideas that will make sure that your training has an impact on the participants and the business. You won’t just learn about how to run quality training - you’ll experience it throughout the day from top-tier trainers.

This course is suitable for people who design or deliver training. Whether you’re new to the training profession or wanting to refresh your skills and knowledge this course will give you the tools and techniques to create inductions, develop new training. as well as review and revitalise existing programs. Register now to start or accelerate your training career.

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